Zimbabwe - Dande North Hunting Area

dan1The Dande North hunting area of 78,000 hectares is situated on the northern Zambesi Valley of Zimbabwe. It borders the Zambezi River near Kanyemba on the northern side,  the Angwa river in the south, the Mocambique  border in the east and the Chewore Safari area boundary in the west. A number of secondary rivers and tributaries as well as natural springs assist in ensuring drinking water to the residential  big game species and plains game found here.

dan2It is a magnificent and very versatile hunting area that allows for night hunting of predators. The area has not many roads and is renowned for its large herds of quality buffalos and roaming elephants, lions and leopard with a good quality of plains game. This is the hunting area where Graig Boddington has filmed his instructive videos on bufallo and leopard hunting. The Dande Safari Area of 52,000 hectares adjoins this area and hosts the Dande Parks and Wildlife office (who manages the whole area) and the Pedza Pasi hunting camp. The weather from May to September is normally very pleasant, with daytime temperatures of about 30 degrees Celsius, which fall to about 10-15 degrees Celsius at night. Rainfall starts to decline in April, making May to October the  driest period of the year. From October, temperatures start to rise rapidly and remain in the upper 30's through to March. Mid November brings the first rains and high temperatures are experienced and intensified by the oppressive humidity. The hunting season normally stretches from mid April to mid November

dan3Hunting camps within the Dande North  Communal hunting area include the beautiful Mukanga river camp and the Masau camp on the Zambesi which is ideal also for tiger fishing. A tented fly camp, Membowe Kamoto, allows for smaller group hunting in this remote hunting area.

Landing strips close by allow for fast and efficient transport of clients to the hunting camps. Charters are arranged from Harare return in a variety of charter planes available.

dan4Good fishing can be enjoyed  from Masau camp on the Zambesi river. In September the sought after tigerfish are active in their run upstream in the Zambesi river and hunters can try their hand at bringing in a trophy–size tigerfish.  Non-hunter fishermen are charged a daily rate apart from  the normal fuel levy that is applicable for fishing. There are plenty of other species to test your skills, from Chessa, Nkupe, Bottlenose, Cornish Jack and delicious Bream  in September to November on the Zambesi.